casino lottery


The price of a lottery ticket depends on the amount of the deposit:
  • $30+
    The price of ticket is $15
  • $75+
    The price of ticket is $12
  • $150+
    The price of ticket is $10
  • $750+
    The price of ticket is $8
  • $1,500+
    The price of ticket is $5


  • $500
    1 ticket
  • $250
    4 ticket
  • $100
    10 tickets
  • $50
    20 tickets
  • $25
    40 tickets
  • $10
    50 tickets

terms and conditions

  • The drawing of the lottery will be held on (UTC)

  • One participant can have only one winning ticket

  • Cash prizes will be enrolled to the balance automatically

  • Wager for the win is x3

  • A player must not have multi-accounts

  • Any limits or restrictions set on your account before the tournament ends prevent you from receiving the prizes

Neospin Casino Lottery FAQ

Is the Neospin casino lottery any different from regular lottos? 🎫

No, it’s really not. The core principle is just the same as in regular lotteries held offline. You buy a ticket that has a unique number, and if you’re lucky enough, that number might be the winning one. Just like in all other lottos, you’re not restricted to a single ticket — you can buy a bunch of them to increase your chances.

How can I participate in the Neospin casino lottery? 🙋‍♂️

Buying lottery tickets in Neospin is linked to depositing, which means that you can only buy a ticket when you’re making a deposit. This feature has a very distinctive advantage because the ticket’s price drops down significantly when you make bigger deposits.
As you can see, when you make a minimum deposit of $30, the price of one ticket is $15, which is obviously not a really lucrative price. However, when you deposit $1,500 or more, the price of a ticket decreases to only $5. Just like this, you get a chance to grab more tickets to improve your winning chances!

How often does Neospin casino conduct its lottery? 🗓

Lottery as a promotional activity in general is held continuously. The intervals between the prize draws is approximately two to four weeks. So, the lottery functions just like our in-house tournament — as soon as the rewards are credited to their lucky owners, it starts all over again!

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